Services to industry

Measurement services

We evaluate for you the feasibility of camera and laser based measurement techniques for the inspection and quality control of your products:

  • Quality control of and sorting of products (food, pharmaceutical products, waste sorting, coatings, etc.) using hyperspectral camera’s.
  • Inspection of materials and detection of material defects (textiles, coatings, corrosion, etc.) using infrared thermography.
  • People localization and tracking (for safety, ergonomics, rehabilitation, etc.).
  • Dimensional metrology: shape measurement of parts using optical measurement techniques (e.g. 3D printed parts).
  • Non-contact full-field vibration measurements on industrial components and infrastructure using laser vibrometry.

Technical advice

We assist you in research and innovation projects focussing at the integration of camera and laser based systems in your processes:

  • Machine learning algorithms (for classification, object detection, image segmentation, etc.)
  • Machine vision: algorithms for sorting, quality control and dimensional metrology
  • Use of cameras in combination with drones, robots, vehicles.